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Stephanie Lewis

Stephanie Lewis is a practicing attorney, and long-time meditation and qigong teacher. She is also a national board certified health and wellness coach who founded LiveWellFlow to help busy professional managers and leaders with demanding, stressful professional lives, improve their lifestyle by teaching them mindfulness practices that help them reduce stress, improve their health, better manage their time, and live in greater alignment with their values.

In more than a decade of experience studying and practicing mindfulness meditation and qigong, Stephanie has engaged in many different practices to learn what most nourishes her own mind, body, and spirit and fits best into her life. Sitting meditation and Qigong mindful movement serve as the foundation of her practice but other informal practices continue to enrich her life. Stephanie’s practice has been instrumental in improving her physical, mental, and spiritual health and her quality of life. She has taught mindfulness meditation and qigong to countless individuals as well as in corporate and government settings.

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