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About Warrior One

At Warrior One, we’ve taken scientifically validated classical mindfulness, contemplative neuroscience, and the psychology of the legal mind, and created a toolbox designed specifically for lawyers, law students, and social justice advocates. The result? Mindfulness programs that fulfill our mission: to bring greater wisdom, equity, happiness, and belonging into the legal profession. And from there, into the world.

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About Judi Cohen

Lawyer, law professor, and long-time student of mindfulness, Judi is the founder and chief bottle washer at Warrior One. For a decade Judi has guided Warrior One with one mission in mind: to offer the ancient and modern practices of mindfulness to colleagues and students so they can discover for themselves how to create more powerful, fulfilling, joyful, inclusive lives in the law, and how to wield their influence to create a more just, equitable, sustainable world.

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About Mindfulness for the Legal Mind

Why mindfulness for lawyers? Simple. Mindfulness is the cultivation of present-moment awareness, and of qualities of mind essential to the ethical practice of law: patience, compassion, clarity, wisdom, and more. Great lawyers know how to embody these qualities, so what does mindfulness add? Something essential: the ability to cultivate and pattern the mind so that in any given moment, we aren’t relying on chance but instead are able to choose which qualities to lead with, no matter how stressful the situation or how high the stakes. And also, so that we’re able – and remember – to choose kindness, self-compassion, and rest, when we get home.

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