Jac 2018 PhotoJudi Cohen is the “we” at Warrior One. An attorney, mindfulness teacher, and lecturer at Berkeley Law, Judi began practicing mindfulness and yoga in the late 1980s and never stopped. She has sat more than 150 days of silent retreat, and has studied with many of the great Western mindfulness teachers including James Baraz, Norman Fischer, Roshi Joan Halifax, Jack Kornfield, Syvia Boorstein, Guy Armstrong, Bikkhu Analayo, and others.

Dismayed by the enormous amount of suffering in the legal profession, including among her law students, and feeling impacted herself, Judi founded Warrior One to help alleviate that suffering and the impact it has on clients, communities, and society. In 2009, along with Law Professors Rhonda Magee and Tim Iglesias, Judi co-created the first Contemplative Lawyering course for law students wanting to integrate mindfulness into their work and life. In 2010, she created the first Mindfulness for the Legal Mind training for lawyers, which integrates classical mindfulness, modern contemplative neuroscience, and the psychology of the legal mind. In 2015, Judi started the Wake Up Call, a weekly, online, 10-minute talk and 10-minute guided meditation for legal professionals, which has been running continuously every week since, and is now also a podcast. In 2016, Judi co-created and began co-leading Warrior One’s bi-annual, 9-month, Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training, the only mindfulness teacher training in the world created by and specifically for lawyers.

Before founding Warrior One, Judi practiced as a real estate lawyer from 1984 to 2014, and for ten of those years also taught academic and mindfulness courses at the University of San Francisco and Golden Gate University Schools of Law. Judi is a founding board member, the Teachers Division chair, and a member of the DEI Collaborative, for the Mindfulness in Law Society, and an 18-year member of the Bay Area Working Group for Law and Meditation. Since its inception in 2015, Judi has also co-facilitated Yesworld.org’s annual Law & Social Change Jam.

Judi lives with her partner, Carl Speizer, in Sonoma, California, on the unceded lands of the Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo tribes. Between them they have one awesome daughter, two terrific sons, one amazing daughter-in-law, and one very yummy granddaughter.

You can reach Judi at Judi@WarriorOne.com.

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