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Deepen Your Practice.
Learn to Teach Mindfulness to
Lawyers, Conflict Professionals, and Law Students.
Become a Leader in the Mindfulness-In-Law Movement.

The Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training (“MLTT“) is an innovative program that combines residential, online, self-paced and individually mentored training for a small cohort of up to eighteen students. MLTT includes one-on-one mentoring with leaders in the mindfulness in law movement, small group collaboration, online learning, and individual study, reflection, and practice, bookended by two week-long Intensives in Northern California.

MLTT is intended for professionals who have a mindfulness practice, and would like to:

  • Deepen their practice;
  • Cultivate the skills and confidence to teach mindfulness to legal and conflict professionals, people working in social justice, or students in a law school or similar setting; and
  • Become leaders in the mindfulness in law movement.

Our intention is to continue to co-create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of mindfulness in law teachers and leaders. Acknowledging that the following labels are not only imperfect but can create greater separation or oppression, yet naming our intention to connect across real and perceived differences, we extend an especially warm welcome to applicants who are members of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander and other/all communities of color; LGBTQI communities; communities historically underrepresented in the law or in mindfulness practice and teaching; and those who intend to offer mindfulness in public interest and social justice settings or who are working with underserved populations.

The MLTT program consists of:

  • Two week-long residential Intensives at Green Gulch Farm, in Muir Beach, California, just outside San Francisco
  • Monthly webinars
  • Small group cohorts
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Opportunities for practice and to learn and teach solitary and portable mindfulness practices
  • Curriculum development for those interested in creating short and long programs
  • Other individualized programming to meet the unique interests of our students
  • New for MLTT 2020: 25 California MCLE participatory credits, including 4 in Legal Ethics, 1 in Competency Issues, and 1 in Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society. (Note: if you’re licensed outside of California, we’re happy to explore with you whether CLE credits are available in your state.)

Thoughts from MLTT Graduates

The Program was tremendously powerful and useful. It exceeded my already high expectations. My cup runneth over with gratitude for each and every person who was part of it. I now have the tools to go out and share meditation and other mindfulness practices in the legal world and beyond. ~ LGBTQ+ Marriage Equality Advocate and Educator, MLTT 2018 graduate

The best choice. I really learned new and rich experiences to show in my country [Brazil] with wonderful students and all the teachers using their hearts in this cause. The changes start inside us. ~ Justice Advocate, MLTT 2018 graduate

The yoga teaching showed me how to move out of my head and into my body. I’ll be forever grateful to MLTT for it. Thank you! ~ Law Professor, MLTT 2018 graduate

The instructors were consistently terrific. The style of instruction is one I enjoy – allowing the participants to set their own goals, and offering a buffet of ideas, practices, and insights. Many thanks to all of the MLTT teachers.  ~ Attorney, MLTT 2016 graduate

This program is an amazing launching pad for a lifetime of mindful, kind and ethical service to your clients, your community, your family, and YOURSELF. It exposes you to the foundations of mindfulness and to teachers who have thought and written about the area. And it introduces you to a group of like-minded lawyers and legal professionals who provide encouragement and support. ~ Assistant Public Defender, MLTT 2018 graduate

Schedule for the Training

MLTT 2020 runs from March through October.


MLTT 2020 begins at 3 pm on March 7, 2020 at Green Gulch Farm on the first day of our first Intensive.


Our two in-person Intensives are the heart of MLTT, when we’ll come together as a whole community for deep practice and learning. Both Intensives will be held at San Francisco Zen Center’s lovely practice center, Green Gulch Farm, which is located in Muir Beach, California, just north of San Francisco, where the MLTT 2016 and 2018 Intensives also occurred. Green Gulch is a special place: nestled into the gentle mountains of the temperate rainforest of the Golden Gate National Seashore preserve, cultivated over many decades by its students into gardens and a working, organic farm, supported by years of deep practice, and just a short walk through the gardens to Muir Beach, one of Northern California’s beloved, hidden treasures.

The dates for the two MLTT 2020 Intensives are:

March 7-14, 2020
October 3-10, 2020

Because our work together is informed and enriched by the robust, undistracted participation of our entire cohort, before you apply, please give some thought to your ability to commit to being fully present for all seven days of each Intensive, beginning at 3 pm on the first day of each Intensive and ending at 11 am on the last day. If you are invited to join MLTT 2020, we will expect, look forward to, and celebrate your full presence and participation.

Online Learning:

Between March 14th and October 3rd, we’ll meet online, sometimes with Lead Teachers, sometimes with Support or Guest Teachers, and sometimes for check-ins and collaboration among our cohort. We’ll record all of our online gatherings and post them to the MLTT 2020 learning platform.

Learning Platform:

Our online learning platform (LMS) will support learning and relationship-building throughout MLTT 2020. On the LMS, we’ll post everything from bios to recorded online gatherings to practices to videos of some of the talks from our Intensives. Everything we post will remain available to you after the final Intensive. In addition, all graduates of MLTT will be invited into our MLTT Grad Forum, also on our LMS, to join members of the 2016 and 2018 MLTT cohorts for ongoing collaboration and mutual support. 


Our Lead and Support Teachers will offer one-on-one mentoring throughout the program. Mentoring will begin after our first Intensive.

Small Groups:

Participants will be assigned to small groups for in person and online meetings, guided by an MLTT 2020 Support Teacher and beginning at our first Intensive.

The Program

The MLTT 2020 curriculum is innovative, powerful, and unique in two ways. The first is in its mission to train participants to offer mindfulness training specifically designed for lawyers, conflict professionals, and people working in social justice; to students studying in those fields; and to those engaged in mindful leadership in the legal community.

The second is in terms of its curriculum. The MLTT curriculum embraces and integrates the richness of multiple wisdom traditions while recognizing and, as well as possible, avoiding the potential harm of cultural appropriation. Our MLTT faculty are trained in secular mindfulness including MBSR, the Insight Meditation tradition, Zen, and Yoga, and our intention is to name and honor our teachers and their lineages, and to offer instruction, practices, and ideas from each tradition combined with a curated set of tools that will enable participants to deepen and broaden their own perspectives on mindfulness and in turn offer those powerful tools to their communities.

The MLTT curriculum offers an opportunity to develop the following essential components of mindfulness teaching and practice:

The Foundations of Mindfulness Practice. Deepen and refine your solitary and portable mindfulness practice for your own benefit and to better help others understand mindfulness and begin or deepen their practice. Cultivate a broad, multi-perspective understanding of classical and secular mindfulness.

The Science of Mindfulness and the Legal Mind. Explore the rapidly growing and fluid science of mindfulness, especially as it applies to the legal, conflict resolution, and social justice professional’s mind. Attain insight into the ways lawyers, conflict resolution professionals, and individuals working in social justice are educated and trained, and why mindfulness is essential to compliment and in some cases counter that education and training, for greater effectiveness and wellbeing personally, interpersonally, and systemically.

Practical Teaching Tools. Master the art of classroom and conference room facilitation with specific mindfulness-based tools that create safety for participants and allow you and your students to enter into a collaborative teaching and learning experience. Develop a curriculum and underlying set of building blocks to teach mindfulness in a firm, organization, or community-based setting such as at a local bar association or section meeting, or as a law school or other institutional course or workshop.

Tools For Working With Impacted Populations. Explore ways to offer solitary and portable mindfulness practices to support impacted legal and conflict resolution professionals and those working in social justice, as well as members of those groups who are struggling with competence or substance issues, dealing with secondary trauma, or working with impacted clients and general populations.

Strategies for Creating Opportunities for Mindfulness Training. Learn to speak with training and professional development managers, academic deans, and wellness professionals about the origins, history, critiques, and benefits of mindfulness, in a direct, well-informed and persuasive manner.

Leadership Tools. Gain the tools and confidence to be a leader in the mindfulness movement in general, and in the mindfulness in law movement in particular, by learning to embody the practices and teachings and to speak and act with greater wisdom and compassion towards others and towards yourself.

Application Process

We have space for 18 students. To be considered form MLTT 2020, please complete the MLTT 2020 Application. We will begin to review early applicants’ applications on May 1, and regular applications on June 15. We will accept students on a rolling basis until the program is full.

Securing Your Place

If you are offered a place in MLTT 2020, you will be invited to accept by making a deposit of one-half of the tuition cost. The second half of tuition plus room & board costs will be due in full between January 1st and 15th, 2020.


Tuition for MLTT 2018 is $8,000, which includes instruction at both MLTT 2020 Intensives, all webinars, all small group meetings, and teacher-led, one-on-one mentoring throughout the program. It does not include room & board at the Intensives or travel to or from the Intensives.

All-inclusive daily rates for rooms, three delicious vegetarian meals per day, and snacks, coffee, tea, and other beverages throughout the Intensives, are:

Single, per night (as available): $150
Double, per person per night (as available): $120
Triple, per person per night (as available): $90

All rooms at Green Gulch Farm offer shared baths.

We have a limited number of scholarships available for MLTT 2020 and welcome your inquiries. There is an opportunity to request a scholarship and to share information about your request in the application.

Spread The Word

If you’d like to share information about MLTT 2020, please download or post the MLTT 2020 Flyer.

Cancellation Policy

If you are offered a place in MLTT 2020, we believe you’ll make an important contribution to the MLTT community and very much hope you’ll accept. However, please consider the commitment because unfortunately we will not be able to offer any refunds. We may, however, consider a request to nominate a colleague to take your place.

Lead Teachers

Guest Teachers (so far – more to come!)

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