Deepen Your Practice.
Learn to Teach Mindfulness to
Lawyers, Conflict Professionals, and Law Students.
Become a Leader in the Mindfulness-In-Law Movement

We’re delighted to announce the
2022 Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training

Opening online meetings on Zoom:
Sundays, 10am-noon Pacific
February 13th and 27th

In-Person Retreats
San Francisco Zen Center’s Green Gulch Farm
Muir Beach, California

Retreat #1 – March 12-19
Retreat #2 – October 8-15

Midterm online meetings on Zoom:
Alternate Sundays, 10am-noon Pacific
Between Retreats

The Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training (“MLTT“) is an innovative program that combines residential, online, self-paced and individually mentored training for a small cohort of students. MLTT includes one-on-one mentoring with leaders in the mindfulness in law movement, small group collaboration, online learning, and individual study, reflection, and practice, bookended by two week-long Intensives in Northern California.

MLTT is intended for professionals who have a mindfulness practice, and would like to:

  • Deepen their practice;
  • Cultivate the skills and confidence to teach mindfulness to legal and conflict professionals, people working in social justice, or students in a law school or similar setting; and
  • Become leaders in the mindfulness in law movement.

Our intention is to continue to co-create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of mindfulness in law teachers and leaders. Acknowledging that the following labels are not only imperfect but can create greater separation or oppression, yet naming our intention to connect across real and perceived differences, we extend an especially warm welcome to applicants who are members of black, brown, indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander and other/all communities of color; Queer communities; communities historically underrepresented in the law or in mindfulness practice or teaching; and those who intend to offer mindfulness in public interest and social justice settings or who are working with underserved populations.

The MLTT program consists of:

  • Two week-long residential Intensives at Green Gulch Farm, in Muir Beach, California, just outside San Francisco
  • Bi-monthly webinars
  • Small group cohorts
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Opportunities for practice and to learn and teach solitary and portable mindfulness practices
  • Curriculum development for those interested in creating short and long programs
  • Other individualized programming to meet the unique interests of our students
  • New for MLTT 2020: 25 California MCLE participatory credits, including 4 in Legal Ethics, 1 in Competency Issues, and 1 in Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society. (If you’re licensed outside of California, credits may be reciprocal in your state.)

Thoughts from MLTT Grads

My biggest take away from MLTT 2020 is that things can always get worse, but through our practice we can endure and withstand far more than we think. MLTT 2020 has been a much needed refuge for me through this very difficult period of time. Walking out of Green Gulch two days before the shelter in place order was the greatest blessing. i was in the right frame of mind to take these difficult times in stride, and with joy. The program has given me the confidence to help others do the same. More than anything, I’ve learned that having a sangha (community) makes everything better. ~ Michelle Vasquez, Assistant Public Defender, MLTT 2020 graduate

MLTT 2018 was a turning point for me – not only has the program equipped me with the skills and confidence to teach mindfulness, it has given me an enriched understanding of Buddhist philosophy, human nature, and life itself. I also came away from the program with a cohort of fellow travelers on this path, and I know the friendships that have been formed through this program will continue to encourage and sustain me for years to come. ~ Annette Wong, Attorney, Mindfulness Coach, Writer, MLTT 2018 graduate

I highly recommend MLTT for those who want to teach mindfulness, build their network of mindful lawyers, and bring meditation to more lawyers in their communities and workplaces. The program provides depths of knowledge, incredible resources, an awesome structure, and an incredible atmosphere for personal growth and building community. ~ Rudhir Krishtel, Executive Coach; former in-house attorney and AMLaw 100 Partner, MLTT 2018 graduate

The best choice. I really learned new and rich experiences to show in my country [Brazil] with wonderful students and all the teachers using their hearts in this cause. The changes start inside us. ~ Viviane Furis, Sao Paulo, Brazil, MLTT 2018 graduate

Just be. Just breathe. Feel the connection. Be in community. It is enough, I am enough. I learned a bunch, have a bunch more to learn, appreciated all the new ideas and concepts and thinking about them – how they worked and might not work for me – and where my resistance…and…strengths might be in all this. ~ Sue Schechter, Field Placement Program Director, UC Berkeley School of Law, MLTT 2020 graduate

MLTT changed me, changed my law practice and equipped me to bring mindfulness to a group of public defenders desperately in need of tools for self-care and resiliency. I am so grateful for all I learned and for the life-long group of friends I made.
~ Sarah McCarthy, Assistant Public Defender, MLTT 2018 graduate

The Program was tremendously powerful and useful both professionally and personally. It exceeded my already high expectations. My cup runneth over with gratitude for each and every person who was part of it. I learned from them all and cherish the bonds and friendships forged in the process. I feel I now have the tools to go out and share meditation and other mindfulness practices in the legal world and beyond. ~ John Lewis, LGBTQ+ Marriage Equality Advocate and Educator, MLTT 2018 graduate

The instructors were consistently terrific. The style of instruction is one I enjoy – allowing the participants to set their own goals, and offering a buffet of ideas, practices, and insights from which to choose how to move in those self-selected directions (and in new ones as one’s field of vision expands during the course of the program). Many thanks to all of the teachers in MLTT.  ~ MLTT 2016 graduate

The program exceeded my expectations. The technical knowledge of all the teachers, the introduction to the dharma, and the bunch of practices make of this teacher training program a comprehensive and top one. Marvelous people! Green Gulch experience is a must! the small-group dynamic is key. The learning platform works great. With immense gratitude. ~ Ingrid Benninghoff, attorney and law professor, Santiago, Chile, MLTT 2020 graduate

The yoga teaching showed me how to move out of my head and into my body. I would not imagine teaching mindfulness to anyone without that learning and I’ll be forever grateful to MLTT for it. After MLTT I have much more access to my own experience…and that is invaluable training. Thank you! ~ Chapin Cimino, Law Professor, MLTT 2018 graduate

All of the teachers brought so much commitment, intelligence, heart, thoughtfulness, and skill to the enterprise. It was obvious that an enormous amount of planning went into each element of the program. The ability to flex with the group’s needs was both helpful in the moment, and wonderful modeling. Thank you so much for creating the conditions where we could deepen our practices, open our hearts, connect deeply, and create a vision for bringing more compassion, wisdom and social justice into the legal system. ~ MLTT 2016 graduate

This program is an amazing launching pad for a lifetime of mindful, kind and ethical service to your clients, your community, your family, and YOURSELF. It exposes you to the foundations of mindfulness, and to guest teachers who have thought and written about the area. And it introduces you to a group of like-minded lawyers and legal professionals who provide encouragement and support. ~ Bella Dilworth, Assistant Public Defender, MLTT 2018 graduate