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Essential Mindfulness
for Lawyers 2.0 – $299

including all seven California MCLE specialty credits!

On Demand, with Judi Cohen

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“Loved every minute and every dollar spent!”
“I learned a tremendous amount in such a short time.”
“EML has been the most valuable MCLE that I have completed
in over 21 years of practicing law.”

7 Courses, 7 California* MCLE Credits:
4 Ethics, 2 Elimination of Bias including Implicit Bias, 1 Competence

  1. The Ethical Argument for Mindfulness for the Legal Mind
  2. Mindful Communication is Ethical Communication
  3. Ethical Tools for Working with Difficult Emotions
  4. Compassion as Crucial to Powerful, Ethical Advocacy
  5. Reducing Bias to Support Equity & Belonging in the Law
  6. Seeing & Understanding Implicit Bias
  7. Mindful Lawyering is Competent Lawyering

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Mindfulness Training for Your Firm or Organization

Give your people powerful tools to reduce stress, increase focus, and enjoy their work, with smart, secular, scientifically validated mindfulness training, online or in person.

Warrior One is a California Continuing Legal Education Provider.

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