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The Live Wake Up Call: Increase Your Wellbeing with Mindfulness

Join Judi Cohen for the Wake Up Call

In this moment, with so much at stake, taking care of ourselves is crucial to our wellbeing. And wellbeing is crucial to our ability as legal professionals to meet today’s challenges with wisdom. Join the Wake Up Call and discover how mindfulness can support your wellbeing and increase your wisdom.

The Wake Up Call is live online on Thursdays at 8am Pacific (UTC-7:00), with ten minutes of practical tools for mindful lawyering plus a 10-minute guided meditation. Sign up here and receive an email each Thursday about an hour before the Call, with tidbits about that week’s Call plus the Zoom link.

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In the 2,600-year tradition of mindfulness, the Wake Up Call is both freely offered and dependent upon your support. We deeply appreciate those of you in our live online community, as well as our podcast listeners, who are able to acknowledge the mindfulness tools and insights you’ve gained with your financial generosity.  If you’re not yet part of our Wake Up Call sponsorship circle and you’re able to join, please click here.

The Wake Up Call Podcast

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Wake Up Call 442 5


Jun 28, 2024

Season: 8

Ep: 448

The Insecurity Of Everything

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Wake Up Call 442 4


Jun 21, 2024

Season: 8

Ep: 447

Why Change Is All The Things

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Wake Up Call 442 2


Jun 7, 2024

Season: 8

Ep: 445

The End Of Suffering

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Wake Up Call 444


May 31, 2024

Season: 8

Ep: 444

Not This Not That

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The Wake Up Call is a free offering. Please click here if you’d like to support the Call.

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