The Live Wake Up Call

In these unprecedented times, it’s good to practice together.

Please join our mindful lawyering community live on Thursdays at 8am Pacific (UTC-7:00) for a 10-minute mindfulness talk plus ten minutes of guided meditation.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email reminder about an hour before the Call, with the topic for the day and the Zoom link. Feel free to bookmark the link when you receive the first email – we use the same link each week.

The Wake Up Call is free and open to everyone. If you are able to support the Call, please click here.

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Same short, 10-minute talk about mindfulness and law.
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Let Go


May 5, 2022

Season: 6

Ep: 350

The Fine Art of Letting Go
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Breathe Young Asian Woman Scaled


Apr 15, 2022

Season: 6

Ep: 347

Finding Peace in Each Breath
Listen Now
Wake Up Call Ep304


Apr 7, 2022

Season: 6

Ep: 346

Enduring an Attack
Listen Now
Shutterstock 179069084 Scaled


Apr 7, 2022

Season: 6

Ep: 345

Taming the Runaway Mind
Listen Now

The Wake Up Call is a free offering. Please click here if you’d like to support the Call.

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