Mindfulness for the Legal Mind

MCLE Accredited Mindfulness Training for Lawyers

Mindfulness for the Legal Mind provides powerful new perspectives on all-too-common issues in the profession like depression, anxiety, and burnout, and how to cultivate their opposites: resilience, equanimity, and joyful engagement in our noble profession – while providing those seven hard-to-get California MCLE specialty credits.

Increase your competence, polish up your ethics, and level up your happiness, plus learn to reduce bias and create greater equity and belonging in the profession, through our Mindfulness for the Legal Mind trainings and programs.

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Our MCLE-Accredited Mindfulness Training

Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers 2.0
  • On demand, perpetual access
  • All seven California MCLE specialty credits:
    • 4 Ethics
    • 2 Elimination of Bias – including Implicit Bias
    • 1 Competence
  • The Ethical Argument for Mindfulness for the Legal Mind
  • Mindful Communication is Ethical Communication
  • Ethical Tools for Working with Difficult Emotions
  • Compassion as Crucial to Powerful, Ethical Advocacy
  • Reducing Bias to Support Equity & Belonging in the Law
  • Seeing & Understanding Implicit Bias
  • Mindful Lawyering is Competent Lawyering

Mindfulness Training for Your Firm or Organization

Give your people powerful tools to reduce stress, increase focus, and enjoy their work more,
with smart, secular, scientifically validated mindfulness training,
online or in person.

Warrior One is a California Continuing Legal Education Provider.
Increase attendance by offering CLE credits.


The Wake Up Call

Mindfulness for the Legal Mind, in Small Bites:
A Ten-Minute Talk and Ten-Minute Guided Meditation
With Judi Cohen
Every Thursday Live, and on The Wake Up Call for Lawyers Podcast



May 26, 2023

Season: 7

Ep: 398

Practicing with Poisons
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2024 Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training

A Unique Training to Learn to Teach Mindfulness to Lawyers, Law Students, and Social Justice Advocates


Our Organization

Since 2009, Warrior One’s science-based mindfulness trainings have helped lawyers, law professors, law students, mediators, professional development and wellbeing professionals, DEI leaders, and social justice advocates increase their own competence and wellbeing, and bring greater wisdom and compassion to the individuals and communities they serve.

Warrior One’s trainings honor the classical roots of mindfulness while providing practical tools for greater personal joy and wellbeing, a wiser, more compassionate approach to practice, and a more inclusive perspective on our profession and world.

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