Warrior One’s mission is to inspire greater effectiveness, happiness, and leadership in the law.

Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® Basic Training

Learn the basics of Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® on your timetable, in six, engaging, MCLE-accredited, self-paced videos

2017-2018 Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training

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Learn Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® (EML) from some of the most highly acclaimed mindfulness & law teachers in North America.

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Deepen Your Practice. Learn to Teach Mindfulness to Lawyers, Conflict Professionals, and Law Students. Become a Leader in the Mindfulness-In-Law Movement.

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Day-long retreats in California and beyond, including themes like Mindfulness as an Ethical Foundation for Law Practice, Mindfulness Tools for More Ethical, Competent Practice, and others.

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Take a breath. Give yourself a moment to reflect and tune in. Join us online on Thursdays at 8 am Pacific, for a ten-minute talk and ten minutes of guided meditation. Deepen your practice. Connect with the growing community of mindful lawyers.

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Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® mindfulness-based coaching will help you meet the challenges of today’s legal environment. Our coaching taps into your native intelligence and tenacity.

Words From Our Clients

"I had limited expectations (I was actually skeptical). I was wrong. The program was enlightening + eye-opening, as well as educational."

Litigation Partner

"The EML program reduced stress and increased resiliency and the ability to handle stressful interactions, peer to peer or supervisor to supervisee."

SF Assistant District Attorney

"EML training is incredibly powerful when you look at input vs. output. With as little as 5 minutes a day of meditation over a few weeks, I felt profound changes in my ability to choose my reactions to stressful or unpleasant situations."

Assistant District Attorney

"I am getting a tremendous amount out of this course. It’s helping me find (rediscover) my voice as an attorney. I am a litigator who does not like litigation. But the work that we are doing is helping me to develop a new compass."

Corporate Associate

"[Since taking EML,] I have placed more emphasis on the habit of courtesy – and have practiced putting away personal dislike I may have for opposing counsel."

Litigation Partner

Our mindfulness training has empowered individuals at some of the most aspiring law firms, in-house legal departments, DA and PD offices, and public interest firms.

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