Mindfulness for the Legal Mind

We are an inclusive organization supporting lawyers, law professors, law students, and other legal professionals in establishing a calm, focused perspective, increased resilience and wellbeing, and equity in the profession.

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2022 Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training

A Unique Training to Learn to Teach Mindfulness to Lawyers, Law Students, and Social Justice Advocates

Muir Beach, California and Online


The Wake Up Call

Mindfulness for the Legal Mind, in Small Bites:
A Ten-Minute Talk and Ten-Minute Guided Meditation
With Judi Cohen
Every Thursday Live, and on The Wake Up Call for Lawyers Podcast

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Dec 8, 2022

Season: 6

Ep: 374

Is Meditation Required?
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Nov 17 Judis Insight Timer Images


Nov 17, 2022

Season: 6

Ep: 373

Priming the Pump of Gratitude
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Nov 10 Judis Insight Timer Images


Nov 10, 2022

Season: 6

Ep: 372

Vow to be Courageous
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Our Organization

Since 2009, Warrior One’s science-based mindfulness trainings have helped lawyers, law professors, law students, mediators, professional development and wellbeing professionals, DEI leaders, and social justice advocates increase their own competence and wellbeing, and bring greater wisdom and compassion to the individuals and communities they serve.

Warrior One’s trainings honor the classical roots of mindfulness while providing practical tools for greater personal joy and wellbeing, a wiser, more compassionate approach to practice, and a more inclusive perspective on our profession and world.

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