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Mindfulness and Wellbeing Solutions for Lawyers

What if you had scientifically validated, evidence-based solutions to solve for the pain and suffering in the law?


In 2010, Judi Cohen formed Warrior One to solve for our pain and suffering. We all know its elements:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance use
  • Bias
  • Lack of belonging
  • Attrition

We were offering these solutions long before the ABA 2017 Path to Lawyer Wellbeing Report, which officially sounded the alarm and named mindfulness as a powerful solution. More than 220 legal organizations have now taken the  ABA Wellbeing Pledge.

Our Mindfulness for the Legal Mind programs support that pledge and enable you to solve for wellbeing.

Our Mindfulness & Wellbeing Solutions

What if you could increase your wellbeing with simple, powerful, tools that end the pain and suffering?

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That’s what we offer: a way for you to do exemplary work and enjoy excellent wellbeing.

  • Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers online and in-person courses & workshops give you powerful tools to level up your happiness and wellbeing. Increase attendance at your organization by offering CLE credits.
  • Our biennial Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training invites legal professionals to deepen their own mindfulness practice and learn to become wellbeing leaders in the law. Apply to the 2024 cohort.
  • Judi’s Wake Up Call for Lawyers podcast welcomes the entire legal community to a weekly, 10-minute exploration of mindfulness and wellbeing plus ten minutes of guided meditation. Join us.

What is Mindfulness for the Legal Mind?

Mindfulness for the legal mind is a blend of classical mindfulness, contemporary neuroscience, and a cutting-edge understanding of the legal mind in programs that empower you to increase your effectiveness and wellbeing.

Find out why lawyers say our programs are like a “firehose of the coolest stuff I’ve ever studied.”

2024 Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training

A Unique Training to Learn to Teach Mindfulness to Lawyers, Law Students, and Social Justice Advocates

Mindfulness for the Legal Mind Programs

Customized for Law Firms and Legal Organizations

Wellbeing Solutions for Your Firm or Organization

We collaborate with your firm or organization to create mindfulness and wellbeing programming to improve overall effectiveness.

Examples of Our Courses

  • The Ethical Argument for Mindfulness for the Legal Mind
  • Mindful Communication is Ethical Communication
  • Ethical Tools for Working with Difficult Emotions
  • Compassion as Crucial to Powerful, Ethical Advocacy
  • Reducing Bias to Support Equity & Belonging in the Law
  • Seeing & Understanding Implicit Bias
  • Mindful Lawyering is Competent Lawyering


The Wake Up Call

Mindfulness for the Legal Mind, in Small Bites

A ten-minute talk and ten-minute guided meditation with Judi Cohen every Thursday live on The Wake Up Call for Lawyers podcast.

Wake Up Call 450


Jul 19, 2024

Season: 8

Ep: 450

The Reason Things Are Hard

Listen Now
Wake Up Call 442 5


Jun 28, 2024

Season: 8

Ep: 448

The Insecurity Of Everything

Listen Now

About Us

Our Organization

Who is Warrior One?

Its Founder, Judi Cohen, Plus Many Remarkable Collaborators

Judi’s legal background. Currently a lecturer at Berkeley Law,  Judi practiced as a real estate attorney for thirty years before that, and taught academic courses for ten of those years at the University of San Francisco School of Law. In 2010 she began teaching Mindfulness for the Legal Mind at Golden Gate University SOL before joining Berkeley Law in 2016. 


Judi’s mindfulness & wellbeing journey. Judi’s mindfulness journey started in 1986, two years after she became a lawyer, when her own overwhelm and anxiety began to impact her wellbeing as a new lawyer. Taking a precious three weeks off, she journeyed to India to discover whether mindfulness could help. The practices she learned, convinced her she was on the right path. Judi began studying regularly with mindfulness teachers in the Insight, Zen, and secular mindfulness traditions, and with teachers in the contemplative neuroscience community. She continues to deepen her own practice through ongoing study plus extended silent retreat. Some of the remarkable teachers Judi has had the good fortune to study with, now also teach in Warrior One’s biennial, 9-month, Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training (MLTT). 


Founding & Collaborating at Warrior One. Once Judi felt she had integrated the benefits of mindfulness into her work as a lawyer and law professor, she founded Warrior One in 2010 to help increase her colleagues’ wellbeing. In 2015 she started the Thursday morning Wake Up Call, which continues live and also became a podcast at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2016, Judi realized that our profession needed more mindfulness-in-law teachers, and co-created MLTT, now beginning its 5th iteration in 2024. Many of Judi’s fellow luminaries in the mindfulness-in-law community collaborate each year to offer their wisdom at MLTT.

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