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Happy 400th Wake Up Call! Whether you’ve been here for four weeks or 400, thank you so much for being here, and for your support.

In some ways it feels like we’re just getting started, but that’s how mindfulness is. We walk down the path, paying attention with courage, with grace. Not flinching or wishing the moment was different, but also, being realistic: seeing the pain and suffering and working tirelessly so that the law, and the world, are a little bit better because of our efforts, our practice.

There’s definitely a suggested path in mindfulness practice. And, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and see that we’re really just doing three things, or three baskets of things: calming, settling, and focusing our minds; developing a solid, ethical foundation; and witnessing our own wisdom emerge.

Three things, but no small thing: it’s impossible to measure the power of 400 or even four weeks of practice – of training, of ethics, of wisdom. To quote a graduate of our very first Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training, back in 2016, even one person in the courtroom or conference room, practicing mindfulness, can change everything.

It feels to me like we’re seeing that change, and being that change. Thank you for being part of this remarkable project. 

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