I’ve told this story so often, about how, after I’d stopped practicing law for quite a while, my partner, seeing how frantically I was working, said, “Really? I didn’t know you’d given it up.”

I was one of those lawyers who worked all the time, at all hours, squeezing stuff in late at night, early in the morning, on weekends. And I still do it, teaching mindfulness. Old habits die hard.

So I’m exploring turning over a new leaf.

I’ve decided to consider – just consider – the practice of letting go. Of course letting go is one of the main tenets of mindfulness and I’ve talked about it a lot. But have I done it? I realized recently, not so much.

Today let’s talk a little about letting go, then practice it.

Also, this is Wake Up Call 350. !! It’s hard to believe, but that’s where we are. And it feels like a good time to take a short break. I’m headed to the UK on Monday, so today will be the last live Wake Up Call until June 16th. I’ll miss you! And, I’ll see you in just over a month.