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In this practice of G.R.O.U.N.D., we’ve explored G, connecting to the earth and to each other and becoming more grounded in place and in community; and R, resting in the present moment (plus some strategies for that). On this episode of the Wake Up Call, the inquiry is about O, opening to whatever is here.

Opening to whatever is here, to what’s in front of us, around us, inside us, is a fundamental mindfulness practice. And, for me anyway, it’s rarely as easy as it sounds. Or if it doesn’t sound easy at all, then yep, sometimes it’s just as hard as it sounds.

Still, there are ways to open to what’s here and still keep in mind what’s most important: taking good care of ourselves in the process, so that we can also take good care of others. Listen and see if any of the ideas about that on this episode, are helpful.

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