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Isn’t it always good to come back to basics once in a while? The most basic questions on my mind these days are, is there love in my heart, and how can I bring it into the room?

You could say it’s not always appropriate, in our (very) adversarial profession, to have love in your heart, or to bring love into the room. But I’m beginning to see fewer and fewer places where that’s true. 

How is it not appropriate to bring a little more love into our relationships with colleagues and even adversaries? We can still be passionate advocates. We just get to do that with a sense of humor, an understanding of the tiny drop of time we occupy, and the recollection that we belong to one another. 

And how is it not better to bring a little more love into our families, communities, and relationship to the earth? I can only see good coming from this, too.

Love may not be all we need (or it may be – who am I to argue with one of the greatest sages of our time?) but it’s definitely something we need. Come practice some love, on today’s Wake Up Call.

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