What does it look like, to be mindful of our own minds?

 What if we have no idea what we’re thinking, or even that we’re thinking? Or no idea what emotion we’re experiencing, or even that we’re experiencing one?

It’s interesting, because whether or not we’re mindful, our thoughts and emotions are informing our words and actions (“informing,” or infusing or downright governing them).

If we’re mindful, we have a chance: Awakening to what’s happening in our own beautiful minds, we can decide whether or not our thoughts or emotions are pointing us in the direction of being useful and kind…before we speak or act or post. Before we cause harm.

If we’re not mindful, not awake, we’re at the mercy of those beautiful minds. Maybe our words will be kind. Maybe not. Maybe the choices we make will be wise. Maybe not.

It’s a risk. Is it a risk worth taking?