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How often do you tell the uncompromised truth, about yourself, about what you see in others, about what you see in the world? How often do I? 

Not often enough, for me anyway. What gets in the way is fear. Too often, I’m afraid to look inwards, and afraid to look outwards, too. I cover for my fear – after all, I’m a lawyer – but I know it’s alive and well.

And, finally, after a million hours on the cushion and being a privileged witness to eight powerful Law Jam circles, it’s finally starting to attenuate. A little. 

What’s helping is pairing uncompromising truth with unconditional love. When I can remember to do that, something alchemical happens. My breath becomes deeper, my body relaxes. 

If you’re curious, try mixing truth and love. As I write this, my first thought is, you already are – everyone already was, except me. But in case your story is a little like mine, try it. See what happens. And let me know how it goes.

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