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Three Things I Know For Sure

Three things I know for sure: everything is always changing. When something unpleasant feels like it’ll never change, there it goes, being different. When something good happens and I never want it to change, there it goes, slipping right through my hands.

This includes me. That’s the second thing I know. I’m not one, well-defined, knowable, person, someone I can count on to think and speak and act in a reliably kind, wise, way. I’m a kaleidoscope, turning and changing based on a limitless number of filters. And relatively unpredictable, except when I’m completely predictable. 

And the third thing I know is that impermanence, my inability to pin my “self” down, which amount to just being human – it’s hard. And, it’s doable. I know that because we’re all doing it

And all of this? It’s the good news. I know that, too. So I guess I’m wrong. It’s not three things. It’s four things I know for sure.

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