Mindfulness and ethics:

when I first asked my teacher whether it was ok to talk about ethics and mindfulness, he laughed and said, all of mindfulness is ethics!


And, it’s interesting to look at the five biggies, or precepts: not causing harm, not stealing, not misusing sexuality, not communicating unwisely, not using intoxicants to cloud the mind.

These can feel like big asks to me anyway, when I take a really close look. And yet aren’t the lawyers the standard-bearers? Don’t folks rely on us to lift up the ethics of society?

Maybe there’s too much cynicism in the world right now to think about it that way, but it seems to me that fundamentally, the answer is “yes.”

And so what about practicing law with these five precepts in mind? Let’s dissect, but I do think it has the potential to change our own lives, and maybe even our world.