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When things go wrong in my life, I tend to think about…me. When things go well, I tend to think about…me, again. I, me, mine. As humans, we’re hardwired for that. Maybe it’s how we protect ourselves. Maybe it’s one way we teach our kids to protect themselves. Maybe it’s helped our species survive (or has it?).

What if we thought of others instead, in both instances? What if, when something went well – in our practice, in the law, in our lives – we thought, oh, I have enough. I have plenty. I’m sending this good thing, this good energy, to my friends, my family, my colleagues. To people I don’t even know. To my enemies! To all the humans. All beings. What if we did that?

And what if, when things went wrong, we did less “I, me, mine-ing?” And instead, thought of everyone else going through something similar, and wished them ease and wellbeing? Or just remembered what Ram Dass said: that we’re all just walking each other home?

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