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To me, groundlessness as a wisdom practice is challenging. It’s an invitation to forget every concept, let go of everything I know, and sit in the direct experience of my life. I love the idea. But as a practical matter, how do I make dinner if I live in a non-conceptual reality, let alone how do I walk into a courtroom and present evidence?

On the other hand, what if the aspiration to let go at this level, in the relative sense, is about just letting go of unwholesome concepts like that we, and others, are bad, wrong, difficult, not enough? To me this feels like a powerful enough letting go, for me and for now, because it points to a powerful level of freedom: the freedom to connect compassionately with others, and the freedom to be connected to my own luminous self.

What about you? If you have a practice of letting go at this level, where does it feel like it leads?

(Dedicated to letting go of any sense that we’re right, they’re wrong, and the fight is to the death; and to cultivating love and compassion in all directions on our small blue planet.)

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