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When something or someone upsets me, I’m quick to blame. I’m slower to remember to simply sit still, with upset, anger, fear, or sorrow.

When I’m upset, sometimes I think I’m the only one who feels like I do, or who’s having the problems I’m having. But that’s never the case: everyone gets upset, frustrated, bummed out, and scared, at some point or other.

When I can remember that, and learn from it – meaning, learn from the difficult moments – things feel lighter. I take things less personally. I remember we’re all in this together, and that everything changes. I can begin to notice when sadness gives way to gratitude, and anger to compassion.

If there’s a difference between easy and easeful, then I’d say, learning, remembering, and noticing are not easy. But when I do them, I land in a more easeful place. The effort feels worthwhile.

(To the grads and to those speaking out on all sides: may all beings be safe, filled with compassion, and live with ease.)

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