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One way of thinking about ethics is that we have a cannon, we have rules, and as lawyers, we’re bound to follow those rules. Another way of thinking about ethics is that on some fundamental level, all ethics are about not causing harm. 

From either perspective the question for me is, how to be a ferocious advocate and not cause harm? Which begs a larger question, which is, how can I not only not cause harm, but also, cause, or at least be a catalyst for, harmony?

Maybe that’s not realistic. But I want to imagine it is, or at least that there’s an ethical path that makes harmony possible. And then I want to find that path. Because if it’s find-able, and walk-able, then who knows? Maybe we can create more harmony in our lives and in the world than any of us can imagine… 

(In loving support for all suffering in Israel/Palestine/Gaza)

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