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I’ve been thinking about how to say goodbye to 2023. It feels like bowing out of a circle to which, yes, I could definitely say good riddance. But what about all the good? By recollecting and bowing to that goodness, could the scales (of the heart? of justice?) tip just a little (more) towards kindness and wisdom, as we turn, inevitably, towards 2024?

Which is also what I’ve been wondering: how to turn towards, and what to aspire to in, 2024. I feel like turning and aspiring towards safety. Yet it also feels possible – and in some ways, urgent – to also aspire to step into the circle of next year, into its fire, with courage, and resolve, and equanimity. 

Today on the Wake Up Call, let’s consider how we want to bow out of ’23, and into ’24. Please join me.

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