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Thank you for your application to MLTT 2024!

We look forward to reviewing the application along with your recommendations. We suggest you reach out to your references and ask them to send their recommendations promptly, to [email protected]. Once we have both recommendations, we’ll get back to you with a decision. With metta…

Scholarship and Payment Plan Application for MLTT 2024

We have a limited number of scholarships available for MLTT 2024. Before requesting a scholarship, we ask that you first ask your firm, organization, law school, or other legal or mindfulness community to support you in attending MLTT 2024, then share what more you’ll need in the Scholarship Application, below. That said, no one will be turned away solely for lack of funds.

In the event that we are unable to offer you a scholarship and would like to request a payment plan, or if you need a payment plan for any reason, there is a place on the scholarship application to request that.

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