Shilpa Jain serves as the Executive Director of YES!, an organization that works with social changemakers at the intersection of internal, interpersonal and systemic change, and aims to co-create a thriving, just and balanced world for all. Prior to taking on this role, Shilpa spent two years working as the Education and Outreach Coordinator of Other Worlds and ten years as a learning activist with Shikshantar: The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development, in Udaipur, India. Shilpa sees her work as contributing to the deep healing of internal, interpersonal, and systemic breakdown using very simple human technologies like listening, speaking from the heart, slowing down, breathing, and connecting to nature. She has written numerous books and articles, and has facilitated workshops and hosted gatherings on five continents on topics including globalization, creative expressions, ecology, democratic living, innovative learning and unlearning.