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Pamela Weiss is the Founder and Chief Wisdom Officer of Appropriate Response.

Pamela is a Buddhist meditation teacher and executive coach. She is the creator of the Personal Excellence Program (PEP) and a recognized pioneer in integrating the principles and practices of Buddhist teaching into leadership development and organizational transformation.

Pamela is a has over twenty years experience working with senior executives at organizations including: Tipping Point Community, Brandcast, Genentech, Roche, Salesforce, Pixar, Oracle, Statoil (Norway), and The Center for Executive Development at UC Berkeley. She is also a public speaker who has given talks at Wisdom 2.0, The DO Lectures, The DENT Conference, Bay Area Community Resources, and the Greater Good Science Center.

She has been a Buddhist practitioner and teacher for almost 30 years, including several years of Zen monastic practice and completion of teacher training with Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She was a member of the senior faculty at New Ventures West for over a decade, where she trained hundreds of coaches and designed and led coaching programs inside organizations.

Currently Pamela coaches senior executives, and leads meditation classes, workshops, and retreats.

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