John Lewis is a graduate of Warrior One’s 2018 Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training, a supporting teacher for the 2020 training, and a periodic guest teacher on Warrior One’s Wake Up Call. John has practiced mindfulness for 20 years, sat numerous meditation retreats, and is a graduate of the Spirit Rock Dedicated Practitioners Program. He has also given talks at the Insight Meditation Center and San Francisco LGBTIQ Sangha, and taught meditation and yoga at a transition program for homeless queer youth. After graduating from Stanford Law School, John clerked for US District Judge Thelton Henderson and then practiced civil rights, employment discrimination, and public policy law.  For the last 15 years, John and his husband Stuart Gaffney have been two of the leaders of the marriage equality movement. They were of one the plaintiff couples in the 2008 California marriage cases and continue education and advocacy through the non-profit organization Marriage Equality.  They also are regular columnists for the San Francisco Bay Times.