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Our mission is to train lawyers to be mindful: to increase intellectual and emotional intelligence, to expand capacity and resilience, to decrease stress and anxiety, and to cultivate and advance joy and satisfaction in the practice of law.

We help lawyers create smarter, saner practices.

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Lawyers are at the front lines of personal, moral, ethical, and cultural battles. Much of our work places us directly in the midst of conflict and hostility.

At the same time, being an effective advocate requires composure and clarity, two qualities that can be difficult to maintain in high-stakes, high-stress situations. Instead, we often react the way we were trained: competitively and with aggression…

Mindfulness for Lawyers?

Lawyers position themselves on the front lines of personal, moral, ethical and cultural battles. Our work places us directly in the midst of conflict and hostility. How can we do this with composure and clarity? How can we be passionate and aggressive, and still protect our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our clients, our firms, and society? Mindfulness training…

Case Studies

“Every lawyer, new or seasoned, can benefit tremendously from EML…” “[EML] is a must for our profession and adds a new perspective to what competent lawyering means…” “With as little as 5 minutes a day of practice, there are profound changes in my ability to choose my reactions to stressful or unpleasant situations.” Read more.

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Warrior One offers mindfulness training programs to to fit any firm, organization, or solo practitioner.

EML at Your Firm. EML Spring 2015 Online. EML Retreats. EML Teacher Training.

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Already a mindful lawyer… or close? Join us on the front lines of the mindful revolution. We’re opening the doors to our Teacher Training program beginning in 2015.

Priority applications will be available in January. Please add your name to the list and apply to teach EML at your firm, organization, or law school.

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